dawn chorus slide

Bradstone were in need of a new logo for a new initiative at the Chelsea Flower show named ‘The Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship’. I created this logo based on 2 people working together to develop their skills – echoed in the 2 separate elements paired with the gradual change in colour shades.

‘The Dawn Chorus’ is the title of the garden created by the winner of the Scholarship in 2009. I was asked to create an information leaflet to be given to visitors of the show where it would be on display. The scholar, Lindsay Anglin, based her design on the feel of a garden at first light. The idea was that at dawn light would shine through a prismatic water sculpture and cast shards over the garden. I tried to develop this theme into my design by playing with the idea of sections – breaking up pages and layering lighter and darker shapes to create the feeling of different levels of lighting.